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Our Dietitians’ Blogs provide fun, factual and interesting information for eating renal-friendly.

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Steps for a Successful Valentine’s Dinner Date on a Renal Diet

Edited and verified by Dani Renouf, RD, MSc, CDE The seasonal aisles in the pharmacies have turned from Christmas red and green to Valentine’s Day hearts and flowers. For some, this time of year may involve a dinner date in a restaurant, complete with gifts, which often include sweets and chocolates.  Planning a good date can be a challenge in and of itself but planning a dinner date in a restaurant when you’re following a renal diet adds even more …

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Planning a Renal Friendly Dinner for the Chinese New Year

 Submitted by: Catherine Cai 蔡依憬 BSN, RD 做好計劃腎病春節也能吃得開心有健康 春節是華人社區中最重大的節日之一。 對於中華文化來說,春節是一個亲朋好友齊聚慶祝新的一年並共享美食的時光。 腎透析患者在這個時期卻常因飲食限制以及不知道吃什麼好而無法很好的享受與親朋好友一起的時光。 Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese community. It is time for the family to gather around the table and to share a meal together. Dialysis patients face many restrictions and are often confused about what to eat during this celebration. 註冊營養師8個小貼士讓你在節日期間也能更好的享受相伴的時光: 知道你自己的飲食限制: 不管是液體, 鈉, 鉀, 磷, 或者碳水化合物 過年期間也要維持腎病需要的均衡飲食 計劃性的外出就餐並在其他時間嚴格執行醫護人員的腎病管理建議 注意自己的飢餓感和飽腹感, 慎過度進食 在外就餐, 小心鈉超標 按醫囑服用磷結合劑 若外出就餐, 提前了解餐廳中適合腎病的菜餚選項 若不確定, 外出就餐之前吃點東西 You could prepare for …

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Mindful Eating Tips for the Holidays

Mindful eating tips for your holiday season from Marisa Tamasi RD, CDE. Food is a big part of the holidays. Whether we are going to a holiday gathering or going to the grocery store, we are surrounded by lots of delicious, tempting holiday foods and treats at this time of year. No wonder it is a challenge to stay on track over the holiday season and even more so for those living with kidney disease who need …

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Eating a Kidney-Friendly Diet for Hanukkah

As the end of each year approaches, many people around the world celebrate the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, also known as The Festival of Lights. Food is a significant part of this celebration, and traditionally, meals are prepared using higher amounts of fat, salt, and sugar. In fact, fried foods are an important part of the Hanukkah tradition to celebrate the small amount of oil that miraculously burned for 8 days when the Jewish Temple was …

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Reducing the Potassium in Legumes

Did you know that you can drastically reduce the quantity of potassium in legumes? Indeed, according to a study, it is possible to prepare legumes (in this case chickpeas and lentils) in such a way that most potassium is eliminated.  If you have chronic kidney disease, you certainly know that what you eat directly affects your health. Following your Registered Dietitian and doctor’s instructions, you may need to limit your consumption of minerals like potassium, phosphorus …

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Top 5 Favourite Lazy Weeknight Meals

After a long, tiring day, the last thing you want is to be stuck in front of the stove to make a meal. So what are some quick, delicious and kidney friendly meals to make when energy and motivation to cook is low? Here are some favourites: Breakfast for Dinner: Who says breakfast can’t be dinner? Toast with eggs, berries and some Greek yogurt can be a great balanced meal with barely any cooking. You can also …

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Summer Fun for Kids

As children are still growing and developing, it is important to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition. For children with kidney disease, the added pressure of restricting certain foods in their diet may overwhelm families and place strain on the eating relationship. By working with a dietitian, families can discover creative and positive ways of eating together and staying healthy. Here are some tips to navigate healthy eating for children with kidney disease: Include sources of …

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Gardening and farmer’s markets on a low potassium diet

With summer approaching it’s still possible to start the garden that you’ve always wanted.  Planting and growing fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to save money, relieve stress, and ensure you have the freshest produce. Moreover, gardening allows you to choose fruits and vegetables that work best for your low potassium diet. Instead of purchasing seeds, which can be sowed in early spring, opt for vegetable and herb plants at your local nursery or hardware …

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Reminders for Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan holds religious significance to Muslims worldwide as they observe a month of Sawm (fasting) that begins at dawn and ends at sunset. While it is not compulsory for adults to fast if they are sick, many still wish to partake in Sawm. Individuals with kidney disease are encouraged to discuss whether they can fast, or not, with their physician and/or renal dietitian, taking into consideration the severity of their condition, …

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Steps to a more kidney friendly diet: Animal versus Vegetarian Proteins

By Kelvin Au, Student and Dani Renouf, RD, MSc, CDE Persons living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are often asked to lower protein in their diet to improve kidney health. But how much protein is too much or too little? How do animal-based proteins compare to plant-based? A dietitian can answer these important questions. Most North Americans consume more protein than recommended for their individual needs. However, healthy kidneys can process the extra protein waste efficiently. In …

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