Starters: Appetizing Appetizers that taste great and are renal friendly

Submitted by Karen Sevong MScFN RD CDE CPT

Appetizers are versatile in many ways and enjoyable all year round. It offers the opportunity to taste a variety of foods in moderate amounts while building connections with others. They can be a great way to compliment a meal, enjoyed as a standalone snack, and shared during any event. 

When it comes to choosing appetizers that are kidney friendly, we have a few tips to help guide making better choices.

  1. Mindful with the salt: Choose lower sodium options when possible. These would include hidden salts that are often found in processed food products such as cheese, canned goods, and ready to eat items. 
  2. Keep an eye on the portion sizes:  It can be surprising how quickly small portions might add up. Try using a smaller plate when making selections, and choosing smaller portions with ½ cup a serving as a point of reference. 
  3. Find your balance with protein, phosphorus and potassium sources: Each individual’s needs will vary and this would require some judgement. Aim for higher quality protein sources when possible, such as choosing leaner cuts or plant based options instead of processed meats. If potassium is a concern, consider selecting lower potassium fruits and vegetables. Refer to these additional references on Phosphate and Potassium.

Whether you are looking for some appetizer ideas to share with others or hoping to switch it up and explore for yourself, see below for some appetizing appetizer that are renal friendly for any occasions! Most importantly, we hope you enjoy!

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