The Launch of the Kidney Community Kitchen

Last week I had the good fortune to attend the launch of the new nutrition website,, at Divino Wine Studio in Ottawa.  I had the chance to meet some great people and sample some fabulous kidney friendly foods!  The Fettuccini with Pork Ragu was delicious and I made the sauce for my family who all enjoyed it too (although I wasn’t ambitious enough to make my own pasta!) I look forward to seeing the other recipes on the site.

This website has been a project I’ve been involved in from the start so I was extremely excited to get the chance to be a part of its launch. Initially, when the planning for the site began, I have to admit I had a hard time envisioning how it would come together.  Chefs and dietitians from across Canada donated time, recipes and expertise to the site.  And I have to say the final result surpassed all of my expectations!    As a renal dietitian I am often asked by patients to put together meal plans and recipes and I can really see how this new website will be a great tool for people living with kidney disease and their caregivers. I am sure that my well-meaning meal plans often missed the mark of what people actually would want to eat!  This new resource will allow a much more individualized approach.

It’s important to know and set your own nutrition goals.  Having goals can be motivating and help to give you focus.

One of the keys to sticking to your nutrition goals (for anyone) is planning ahead.  You are much less likely to end up relying on convenience or fast foods if you’ve planned your meals for the week and have all of the ingredients handy.  I love that this website can generate a grocery list for you – this is a huge timesaver.

The journaling feature is another great tool to help you track and achieve your goals. Many studies looking at nutrition goals have shown that people do better when they write down what they eat. Why? Keeping track of your food and fluids makes you much more attuned to what you eat and drink and really limits mindless eating.

I hope that you`ll enjoy and explore the new website and use it to help you achieve your goals!

3 thoughts on “The Launch of the Kidney Community Kitchen

  1. I am so happy that there is now a tool for dialysis patients to use to track our daily food intake as well as our levels for our monthly bloodwork. I really enjoy the fact that everything is tracked and is easy to use! A great tool for all to benefit from. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Justin! We are so glad you like the Kidney Community Kitchen and find it easy to use. Many volunteers, from dietitians to people living with kidney disease, along with the fabulous folks at High Road Communications helped to make our vision for this site a reality. We’re looking forward to planning some site enhancements in 2012 (funding permitting) but in the meantime, we’ll keep adding new recipes every week and continue to develop fact sheets and FAQs for the Kitchen. Enjoy!

  2. Just joined. Reading reviews & checking thiongs out. Always on the lookout gfor new recipes. Love to cook. Its my husbad that has kidney problems. Stage 3-4. We always eat healthy. Can anyone tell me the allowed Potassium or Phosphorous amount per day in a normal diet?

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