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Planning a Renal Friendly Dinner for the Chinese New Year

Planning a Renal Friendly Dinner for the Chinese New Year

By Kidney Community Kitchen

 Submitted by: Catherine Cai 蔡依憬 BSN, RD


春節是華人社區中最重大的節日之一。 對於中華文化來說,春節是一個亲朋好友齊聚慶祝新的一年並共享美食的時光。 腎透析患者在這個時期卻常因飲食限制以及不知道吃什麼好而無法很好的享受與親朋好友一起的時光。

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese community. It is time for the family to gather around the table and to share a meal together. Dialysis patients face many restrictions and are often confused about what to eat during this celebration.


  1. 知道你自己的飲食限制: 不管是液體, 鈉, 鉀, 磷, 或者碳水化合物
  2. 過年期間也要維持腎病需要的均衡飲食
  3. 計劃性的外出就餐並在其他時間嚴格執行醫護人員的腎病管理建議
  4. 注意自己的飢餓感和飽腹感, 慎過度進食
  5. 在外就餐, 小心鈉超標
  6. 按醫囑服用磷結合劑
  7. 若外出就餐, 提前了解餐廳中適合腎病的菜餚選項
  8. 若不確定, 外出就餐之前吃點東西

You could prepare for this time of the year by keeping these 8 tips in mind:

  1. Know your limit of key nutrients: fluid, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, or carbohydrate.
  2. Keep food balance in mind
  3. Plan for big gatherings and strictly stay within your limit at other times
  4. Pay attention to your hunger and satiety cues
  5. Be mindful of sodium while eating out
  6. Take phosphorus binder as prescribed
  7. If you are eating out, check the menu beforehand to pick a renal friendly dish for yourself
  8. If you are not sure, eat a small meal before heading out.

計劃一個的適合腎透析的飲食並不容易。 下面給大家提供4道常見的春節菜餚, 讓你可以享受春節的團聚同時照顧好自己的身體。

Planning for a renal friendly holiday meal can be hard. We have a few ideas for you to enjoy the Chinese New Year with loved ones while taking care of yourself.


新年吃魚, 新的一年才能年年有餘。 清蒸魚通常配有薑蔥和醬油, 並用熱油淋上。 醬油會增加菜餚的鈉含量。在家裡做,可以少放或不放醬油。在餐廳吃,可以要求醬油放在一旁或者只吃上面不被醬油浸泡的部分。

Fish (“Yu”, a homophone for surpluses) is an important dish for Chinese New Year. It represents having abundant resources in the upcoming year. Steamed fish usually come with soy sauce on top which could increase the sodium content. You could limit your sodium intake by asking for soy sauce on the side or only eat parts of steamed fish that were not soaked in soy sauce.

Boiled Shrimp (白灼虾)

白灼蝦也是過年中常見的一道菜餚, 通常會配著一份醬油沾料。 蝦是腎透析飲食中優秀的蛋白質之一。 新年吃了蝦, 一年到頭笑蝦蝦。它的味道鮮美, 直接吃連醬油都不需要。

Shrimp is a great source of protein with the renal diet. In Cantonese, Shrimp, Ha, has a symbolic meaning of wishing a happy and cheerful new year. Shrimp is flavourful on its own and you do not even need that soy sauce dip.

Chinese Cabbage Rolls (翡翠白玉卷)

翡翠白玉卷這道菜一聽就適合新年, 財氣滿滿。 翡翠白玉卷通常是大白菜中包入肉碎, 香菇, 胡蘿蔔等蔬菜做成。 如果在家中製作, 肉餡中盡量不放或減少鹽。 選擇適合腎透析的食材加入肉餡: 香菇, 胡蘿蔔, 木耳, 和玉米等。

The name of this dish translates as “Emerald Jade Roll”. If you are eating out, this would typically have meat, mushroom, and carrot. If you are preparing this at home, it would be recommended to make it with more vegetables and less meat.

Garlic vegetables (蒜蓉蔬菜)

一個均衡的飲食少不了蔬菜。 在外就餐時選擇蒜蓉無鹽或少鹽清炒的腎透析適用蔬菜, 如生菜, 秋葵, 芥藍。 與餐廳要求把醬油放在一旁, 這樣可以讓一起就餐的朋友的口味一樣得到滿足。

Ensuring meal balance by ordering a vegetable side dish. Vegetables, such as lettuce, okra, and gai lan, are appropriate for individuals on a renal diet. You could reduce sodium intake by asking the dish to be prepared with no salt or soy sauce, or to have the soy sauce on the side for other people.

Mandarin Orange 桔子

年夜飯總少不了最後甜甜蜜蜜的甜點。 若有糖尿病的讀者, 請記得甜點的分量與血糖也是息息相關。 大部分中式甜點用豆類或者藥材類烹飪, 可能磷或鉀偏高。 如果你不知道選什麼, 那就選“大吉大利”的桔子吧! 需要注意的是,橙子(Orange) 雖然和桔子看起來類似, 但是鉀含量偏高不宜多吃。

預祝大家新春快樂 , 身體健康!

Most families will have a dessert soup at the end of the meal to represent happiness (sweet) in the new year. If you have diabetes, please be mindful of the portion size of your dessert.

Many Chinese dessert soups are made with beans or dried herbs. They could be high in potassium or phosphorus.

If you are not sure, clementine or mandarin oranges are great alternatives to dessert soups.

Oranges, even with a similar appearance, are high in potassium. In Cantonese culture, clementine is a homophone of the word for luck. Everyone brings a pair of oranges when they visit family and friends.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Chinese New Year!






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