New Recipe Resource Online and Holiday Recipes!

I have been a renal dietitian for over 10 years and many patients tell me that the diet is one of the most depressing parts of their disease.  I have heard patients say: if it tastes good it must be bad for you!  This is why the cookbook series that I worked on is one of my favourite projects ever!  These books are filled with recipes that are wonderfully tasty and flavourful for anyone to enjoy.  Because they were printed in a limited quantity and primarily for dialysis patients, many people with kidney disease haven’t been able to get a copy. Now, however these cookbooks are available online to anyone in French and English. Check out for the first Canadian recipe website for kidney patients.

As the Christmas season gears up many of us start to think of entertaining, baking and eating!  For people on a renal diet this is a very daunting time of year. Many traditional foods are off limits (think ham and scalloped potatoes) and even good choices (turkey and stuffing) are sometimes prepared with ingredients that makes them a concern.  My colleague Melissa Atcheson created the following holiday resources for kidney patients and graciously allowed me to share it with you.  Thanks Melissa!

Holiday Dinner Suggestions

Sample Holiday Menu with Recipes
Happy Holidays!

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