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Savour Summer with New Recipes!

After a long, cold winter it is time to enjoy the warm weather and the wonderful, fresh foods that come along with that. Whether it’s blueberries, raspberries or fresh lettuce right out of your garden, the summer seems to make everything taste better! I’m excited to announce that there are ten beautiful and delicious new recipes available at to celebrate the 10th issue of the Spice It Up! series of cookbooks. Next time you’re having a barbeque …

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Updated nutrition info on!

The nutrition fact sheets on have been updated and are better than ever! Working collaboratively with the Ontario Renal Network, a team of dietitians has been working on these for several months.  I’d like to thank my dietitian colleagues who devoted their time and considerable talents to making sure that these are the most accurate set of materials we’ve ever had:  Christine Nash, Shannon Chesterfield, Melissa Atcheson and Darlene Broad.  I have been most excited to …

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Getting back to summer!

Ah summer! We are, finally, having some truly hot weather in Southwestern Ontario and I have been happily ignoring my stove in favour of the barbeque. Somehow, cooking outdoors seems to make everything that much more relaxed and casual. But barbeque season has it’s dietary dangers – many BBQ favourites such as hotdogs, prepared burgers, and even the barbeque sauce are loaded with salt. So it’s important to read your labels, and as much as …

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Tips for the Barbecue Season

Summer is definitely here. The hot weather can make cooking a chore and it’s nice to be able to grill your meal outdoors. Unfortunately many “barbeque” foods like sausages, hot dogs, and prepared burgers are loaded with salt. It’s best to use fresh, unprocessed meats as the basis for your meal. Rubs or marinades without salt are great to add flavour: try freezing your meat in your favourite marinade and it will be ready to …

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