Peach Raspberry Smoothie

Don’t like tofu? No problem! You won’t be able to taste it over the fruity, creamy flavour of this smoothie.

Blueberry Smoothie

Do you want a good source of protein but don’t feel like eating meat? Here is a recipe for a quick and delicious smoothie that is light and refreshing.

Stocking a Kidney Friendly Pantry

Submitted by Megan Dowling, Registered Dietitian Finding the time and energy to prepare healthy and nutritious meals can be challenging, […]

Breakfast: Kick-start Your Day the Right Way

Canadians live busy lives; which leads to many of us skipping breakfast1. Consuming breakfast can help you kickstart your day as it provides you with the energy and nutrients […]

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The Menu Planner allows users to create daily and weekly plans. While you don’t need an account to use the meal planner, you won’t be able to print or save your plans without one. It’s simple to request an account here.  

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